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In 2012 the highly acclaimed Greed, Lust & Vengeance series gave birth to Uncaged Minds Publishing. Ever since, founding author Donald Reynolds has delivered book after book in platinum fashion. His latest offerings are a sizzling hot collection of short urban erotic stories entitled: Ghetto Lust I & II. This gritty, yet seductive anthology has the streets buzzing from Brooklyn to Paris, and in every prison in between.

A Chicago native, Reynolds has the street-credibility, imagination and skill set to take you on a literary journey through the dangerous ghetto jungles where many dare not go.

Uncaged Minds Publishing recently discovered and signed two jewels. The first: Black Migo, who is slated to drop the first installment of his long-awaited debut series called: Operation Black Bones in May 2019. See: www.operationblackbones.com; and Fresh, another street-savvy, up-and-coming author who just completed: The Ops. This is a dark, dog-eat-dog tale spun straight out of the St. Louis slums, where it’s all about the hustle, and eliminating the opposition. It’s due to be released in late April of this year.

Look for Uncaged Minds Publishing to continue delivering the best in urban entertainment available.

We are currently hiring: actors, models, graphic designers, videographers, dancers, proofreaders, and online booksellers.

Email your photos/videos/portfolios or resumes to: playazcircle7

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