Top 3 Reasons Why Black Men Cheat

In a recent poll of 300 Black men these are the Top 3 reasons why Black men cheat on their women.

By Donald Reynolds

1. Their sexual, financial, or emotional needs are not being met by their partner.

2. As a defense mechanism, in a world that’s always sought to feminize Black men, conquering multiple women sexually, especially white women, is the ultimate display of Black male masculinity and manhood in this era.

3. Survival. Nature. The Beast. The animal in man. We are all programmed genetically to mate and procreate in spite of mass-incarceration of Black males, Black-on-Black homicides, killer cops, depression, stress, frustration, fear. The sacred female womb is the precious vessel of Black male survival, so Black men say, tacitly, at times, this urges them to cheat.

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