The History of Ghetto Lust

By Donald Reynolds
After slavery ended, ghettos began forming as newly-freed slaves headed North, bringing with them a gleaming list of repressed longings, desires and aspirations. As well as a way of life.
For most, the goal was very simple: opportunity, education, integration, employment, crime, and a nice hot slice of sweet American pie. But many, in the ghetto would soon come to realize that no pie is ever as tastier than the female pie. Not then. Not now. Not never.
Having control over the female pie in the urban ghetto is the essence of Ghetto Lust. It is pure joy. Power; wealth, for some. The female pie holder dominates the ghetto in every fashion of human activity. She always has, she always will, until suddenly; recently, there has become a serious shortage of pie hunting men in the jungles of the ghetto due to the ugly politics of mass incarceration and other oppresive factors. As male/female relations are reversing in the ghetto, there is a new form of Ghetto Lust ruling the landscape. It seems to stand tall, it appears to be the centerpiece of a strong man. The ghetto is finally becoming a man’s world, in a sense.

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