Juicy’s Revenge

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Final Result

Betrayal, and deception…

One must always keep in mind that even Jesus and Caesar were betrayed and killed by people close to them. Monitor the people in your inner circle more closely, and especially the one you share your bed with.

Strong Sisters Book Club

Please support the Strong Sisters Book Club by donating a book. The club consists of 98 incarcerated women being held in state and federal correctional facilities around the country. Show your support and love in the form of a book TODAY.

Help Wanted

Business is booming! We are seeking part-time typists, and cyber-taskers. Someone with ambition and hunger, and mental sharpness. If this is YOU, please contact Donald Reynolds at: playaz4life52@yahoo.com.

Is your manuscript collecting dust?

Here at Uncaged Minds Publishing we understand that there are thousands of prisoners spending decades in cell blocks pouring their souls into their manuscripts, only to have them collect dust or get thrashed by cold-hearted correctional officers. Therefore, we offer affordable book publishing packages to suit the needs and budget of any aspiring author. For …


UnCaged Minds Publishing

In 2012 the highly acclaimed Greed, Lust & Vengeance series gave birth to Uncaged Minds Publishing. Ever since, founding author Donald Reynolds has delivered book after book in platinum fashion. His latest offerings are a sizzling hot collection of short urban erotic stories entitled: Ghetto Lust I & II. This gritty, yet seductive anthology has …

We Take Publishing Seriously.

The History of Ghetto Lust

By Donald Reynolds After slavery ended, ghettos began forming as newly-freed slaves headed North, bringing with them a gleaming list of repressed longings, desires and aspirations. As well as a way of life. For most, the goal was very simple: opportunity, education, integration, employment, crime, and a nice hot slice of sweet American pie. But …