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Book Cover of "The Ops" by Fre$h Fre$h
“The Ops” by Fre$h Fre$h

After losing his father to a lengthy federal prison sentence, 14-year old Mannie Johnson and his older brother Que realize they’re now the heirs of a lucrative drug empire. Before claiming the throne, Mannie’s first test comes as an unexpected stretch in juvenile detention, where he makes a few allies, and one bloodthirsty enemy along the way. While doing his time, Que’s waist-deep in the grimy streets of St. Louis, regulating, expanding, networking, holding things down, establishing rules, setting examples, and learning the hard way that: Everything that looks good, ain’t good for you. As he’s recovering from a near-fatal ambush, Mannie’s released, and he’s hungry to do it way bigger than his father ever dreamed of. Mannie’s young, restless, fearless, with a set of street laws of his own that he lives by: If you’re not with us, you’re against us. Being against us, makes you: The OP’s… Opposition Beware!”You can’t turn the pages fast enough to keep up with all the action!” – Donald Reynolds, author of the Greed, Lust & Vengeance series, and Ghetto Lust I & II”Everything about this book is dimensional and thrilling.” – M. Ramsey-El, author of Eye of The Storm


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