Operation Black Bones By Black Migo

To be a gangster like his uncle West is all Chili wants to be. At his age, fast money and promiscuous girls seems to be the definition of life. But having been sheltered by his grandmother, he knows nothing about the pain, suffering, and bloodshed that comes with the title. Living in the illusion of rap music and urban thralldom, he desires nothing more than to have his opportunity of becoming a real street legend…. But that honor, Chili learns, comes with a price no sum of money can afford. In his quest, Chili not only creates clear and present dangers for all those innocent around him, but he also stirs up those ghosts thought to be dead and gone… His new dreams give life to old nightmares and leaves a trail of blood so long that those resting peacefully in their graves cry out for justice… For the past never forgets.


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