Mind Loss After Sexual Encounter?

By Donald Reynolds, author of Ghetto Lust

Maybe it’s me, but lately it seems that some women tend to lose their minds after vigorous sexual encounters. It’s almost like something in the female brain short-circuits, interfering with a her ability to think straight or logical after a "thorough" sexing. This inability to think straight lasts for days, weeks, or longer. Leading one to wonder: Is the penis like an addictive drug to her, causing a large release of dopamine from the female brain into her system? Is this the root of what’s called a dick-whipped woman? A Dickmatized woman?
As an author of urban erotica, I love to understand the dynamics of the fictional characters I write about. I strive to show causes and effects whenever possible in my books. From an abundance of bedroom experience, I’ve come to learn that sex is far more than surface deep, it’s spiritual. It even involves certain levels and elements of death. Which is why I suppose a woman will say " girl he killed it," when she’s left gushing, trembling, throbbing and slobbing, and falls off into a long death-like sleep. When she awakens, she’s rejuvenated, more alive, and angelic, and very submissive. She crowns him her King when the sex is right all night.
Men, of course, we lose our minds prior to the sexual encounter, during the thrill of the chase; while setting up the initial attraction. The mind-boggling things men do, the precious things we risk, all for the sweet opportunity to blow a woman’s mind. But that’s a whole ‘nother topic, for a whole ‘nother day.

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