Ghetto Lust 2 Audio Excerpt

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Ghetto Lust II by Donald Reynolds

Donald Reynolds knows a thing or two about the dark. He is a brother of the night, a man of the shadows. And in his world there is a bump on every road, a death awaiting around every corner, and promises that not only break, they shatter. He lives in the mist between dreams and nightmares where the wild things are. And now he has broken their silence and uncaged the minds of the most dangerous spirits known to man. From the sweet taboo of Dulce to the poetic jones of M. Ramsey-El, Ghetto Lust II gives you the raw, un-cut version of your fantasies. Now you can experience the full satisfaction of pain and pleasure without guilt; leaving you to thank the Divine for your sinful ways. For this collection dares to tell the tale of the cold, gritty mean streets that lay behind a perfect world where love is seldom found. However, by the morning, you won’t know the difference.

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