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Dear Ms. Courtney Strickland, and Ms. Kenyetta Richard,
My name is Donald Reynolds, and I fell head over heels in love with Belle Books Boutique. I marvel over what you beautiful sisters are doing there in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. And it’s always a pleasure to network with like-minded business people.
I’m interested in how I might be able to get my books on your shelves? I am the author of some sizzling-hot street literature, looking to take my pen hustle to the highest level of the game.
I am a reflection of a dark world many can not understand, and would not survive in. I sincerely thank you both for understanding and caring, like you do, about street lit, because many others do not. You can reach me at: playaz4life52@yahoo.com. Thank you so much. I hope to hear back from you soon. #UncagedMindsBooks
Donald Reynolds

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Ghetto Lust

By T.A. Cooler
The ghetto is many different things to many different people. To some, it’s a curse and to others, it’s a paradise. It could be both of those things to more than who would like to admit it. Like any other place in the world, this is a place where lessons are learned, as well as taught, but unlike any other place in the world, the ghetto is home to unique souls undergoing experiences that continue to test their moral values, temptations, and desires. A lot of those desires, of course, are fueled by erotic fantasy. But ‘fantasy’ may not be as appropriate of a term as ‘life.’ Life in the ghetto…   Donald Reynolds, a native of Chicago, is one of the many unique souls who has been influenced by ghetto culture. Growing up, Reynolds endured the common cycle of struggle, criminal lifestyle, racism, love, love lost and plain and simple lust. The struggle being survival, and criminal lifestyle being a means to survive. Love for the things life has to offer and the loss of those very things his life brought him. Lust being plain and simply what it is. Reynolds does agree that all of these aspects may be a combination of pain and pleasure, but an inspiration is what he feels it has all boiled down to; a yearning for the ghetto to be heard.  Ghetto Lust is a salacious collection of short erotic stories, accumulated by Donald Reynolds and other authors of urban erotica that share a mutual respect for the streets. Different areas hold different views, and each story in Ghetto Lust delivers a powerful message beyond and beneath the surface. Reynolds explains that “It is all in how an individual interprets these stories that determines the message received from them.” Often he finds that his readers teach him things about his characters that he never knew. Some may find that they can relate to Ghetto Lust on multiple levels, but for others it is certain to reveal desires that lay deep within them that they never realized were there.

Ecstacy 3

Juicy’s Revenge

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cover art for Ecstasy 3, Juicy's Revenge
Ecstasy 3, Juicy’s Revenge, by Donald Reynolds, Uncaged Minds Publishing

Final Result

Ghetto Lust

Operation Black Bones

Betrayal, and deception…

One must always keep in mind that even Jesus and Caesar were betrayed and killed by people close to them. Monitor the people in your inner circle more closely, and especially the one you share your bed with.